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Koen Kegel

Koen Kegel is known for working with modern fabrication technologies (CNC milling, CAD CAM, lasercutting and 3D printing) to create practicle sustainable solutions for architectural and interior design challenges.

Koen works passionately and collaboratively on a wide range of projects, particularly in the fields of sustainable architecture and (interior)design.

He is the founder and director of implado - góód exhibition design and Design by Evolution. He helps his hometown Vlaardingen, by actively participating in local politics for D66, is part of the Route66 talent program and chairs the Business Club of his football club v.v. Zwaluwen.

Among other things, he helped create the new interior of the Rabobank head office in Utrecht, worked on the future of sustainable architecture with the Eternal Holiday House, designed Wisle.org and helped organise the triennial international SaSBE conference.

Koen has been playing football since 1991 for v.v. Zwaluwen, participates in survivalruns, plays some golf and completed the Rotterdam marathon of 2015. He loves to travel around the world.

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Koen clearly doesn't mind illeism.